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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 8, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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god's name is that. >> bipartisanship. >> gretchen: we haven't done it so long. >> have a good show . "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: it is november 8th . 2012, i am gretchen carlson. you saw the special animation . >> steve: haven't heard about this. >> gretchen: hurricane sandy sequel dumping snow, wind and ice on people who have no power, heat or water. but help is not on the way. fema is closed due to weather. are you kidding me? >> steve: a big win for
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president obama leading to a drop if your 401 k. wall street gets hit hard . the investors fear it is the worst to come. so far it is a cheering show. >> brian: let's see what i got. the president promising bipartisanship . harry reid has his dancing shows on. we'll explain. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> gretchen: were they ballet shoes or tap shoes. >> steve: a line dancer. >> brian: boxers can slug and dance. he said i can do both. he prefers to dance. >> steve: we'll tell you about harry reid who is ready to do
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fighting or dancing . and first it was sandy and now it is snowing. >> brian: i would like to know a storm without a name. >> gretchen: it is call would snow . mother nature playing a cruel trick on people without power. new york, new jersey, with rain, sleet and snow. >> brian: we thought it would be okay to wake anna to see what the conditions are like. >> there are several inches of snow here on the ground in staten island. most of the northeast are used to this and equipped, but hurricane hurricane sandy is making it difficult . debris from sandy is evident. cars on top of one another . boats in the sides of commome covered in no and along the
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streets debris as well which is another issue. folks don't know what is under it. twisted metal and nails and boards. here's what residents are dealing with. >> it is insane. 10 days now and now shoveling snow. >> you still don't have power? >> no power, no gas, no nothing. >> early this morning, 293,000 homes and businesses in new york state without power and 403,000 in new jersey . s cancelled 1300 flights out of the metropolitan area and some mandatory evacuations were put in place. new york mayor bloomburg didn't choose to do so . people deciding to stay with their belongings for fear of looting .
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we are getting some reports, that new york governor andrew cuomo fired his emergency management director for diverting a crew for coming to his own driveway to pick up a tree. good news for folks in this region. they are happy to hear this. temperatures will reach the 50s and 60s in the region. >> steve: there is a lot of snow. one spot in new jersey got 12 inches and heavy snow in connecticut. out in staten island. and the poor folks in staten island. first sandy and now snow and look at the debris. so many people waiting to go to feam. and yesterday they went to fema and they saw that. >> brian: they were not there. and they found their way
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because it was freezing rain and heavy snow. it makes it twice as deadly and on the door it was too bad for fema to work. if the weather is not good how can feam success employ. >> gretchen: isn't that when they are posed to work. >> brian: on long island 400,000 people without power . fema left voice messages that said there are hotels for you because of no power. but the hotels they listed are all having waiting lists for 150 and only three in statene land. >> steve: it was not only one fema center in long island closed. 10 were closed across the region. the attorney general of new york is investigating the
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price gouging. because on craig's list people were selling five gallon empty gas cans for ever upon -- $500. >> gretchen: people have nothing to pick up their gas. i heard stories of trash cans in gas stations with no cover on police arresting them because they are desperate to get the gas and they can't drive away with a trash can with no top. >> brian: i people who would pay five times the price because new york and new jersey didn't give the gas lines. 25 cars deep in a station that opened up five minutes ago for gas. >> steve: gas madedon in the region. >> gretchen: we are one step
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closer to getting the answers on the benghazi terrorist attacks . obama administration faced crit cision for the attack. director of national intelligence james clapper first in the administration to call it a terror attack . david petraeus are expected to testify. we'll have a preview in the next half hour. 12 years later and not much changed. state of florida too close to call except this time president obama was elected regardless of the outcome. president obama leads mitt romney by 47,000. 200,000 absentee ballots are outstanding. someone in michigan shooting at innocent people.
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police arrested and charged raleigh castello. the 43 year old father may be mentally ill and bragged about carrying a handgun with him every day. he had no prior crim thal record though. today former congressman gabreille giffords will come face to face with the man who shot her. loughner poped fire injured giffords and killed others. her husband is in the courtroom and expected to speak on her behalf . >> steve: later today if you have electricity, don't check on your 401 k . wall street had a gigantic sell off >> brian: what? >> steve: day before the election wall street went occupy and after bark obama
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was elected president it dove . why? the chances of going off the fiscal cliff are higher. barclay's bank couple of blocks from where we are sitting. the risk of fiscal cliff was 30 percent . now because it is status quo, and republicans have the house and the senate is owned by the democrats and the white house owned by the democrats as well the chance of a fiscal cliff had been 30 percent and now barclays feels over 50 percent. >> gretchen: health insurance stocks took a dive, why you ask? obama care is here to stay . health insurance companies will have to pay fees of 8 billion and climb up to top 14 billion and that makes sense why the stocks would fall. >> brian: this will cost you
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$3500 right away and that will affect the economy special 1.2 trillion in spending cuts along with tax raises . nine minutes after the hour, what is it going to be like for the next four years? is anybody going to work with each other. the president talked about working across the aisle. yesterday john boehner said he would work. and harry reid mentioned he likes to dance but can fight. >> the american people have spoke yen they reelected president obama and again a republican majority in the house of representatives and there is a man date in yesterday's results it is a man date for us to work together on the solutions and challenges that we face as a nation. >> the american people us to work together . i know how to fight and i know how to dance. i don't dance as well as i
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fight but i would rather dance any time. the way to get things done to work at this time. we need republicans to help us. i repeat to have the leader of the republicans in the senate say his number one goal to defeat obama and that's how we legislated. >> steve: that was two days ago. come on and smell the poll results. say we hold a majority in the house of representative and so we have a man date as well >> gretchen: this is what the american people are so tired of. listening to the back and forth and back and forth and nothing gets done. nothing gets done. if you want more bad news, folks. even if they avert the fiscal cliff, it is only going to be a short-term solution . they will not come to a
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long-term budget talk. it was bowles-simpson. it was a plan will it be more of a same or satisfied with a short-term fix. >> brian: john boehner said he call would on the president to lead. we want to be led. and not only as people pointed out like speaker boehner that there was no leadership and come to legislation with the white house . so did jim manley, the president will have to change and take more of a lead on the legislative process. so did someone else who was a supportive and republican. >> steve: indeed colin powell was in a book meeting in washington d.c. and looked at what the president did last time and needs to do this time. >> it was clear from the beginning that there would beative resistance from the republicans he did. but at the same time, i think
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he could have done more with respect to setting the right tone and showing some leadership and these are two areas that he has to focus on in his second term . reaching out to the business community and listening. and reacting to what he's being told and successly as difficult as it sometimes is and almost all of you in the room who had experience working with congress, that's the nature of the system. >> steve: i hope the system changes a bit and we get some stuff done for the next two years. >> brian: that woman walked in front. >> steve: didn't she know we were watching. >> gretchen: what was a factor in the tuesday election or a side show. the man who advised gary johnson and third party candidates here next. >> steve: look at the pilot's plane. it crashes and caught on
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>> steve: gary johnson the libitarian party's presidential nominee earned the most in his party's history. it came as the expense of republicans. did johnson cost romney the election? people think back to when ross perot cost george her bert walker bush the election . what sort of the damage did gary johnson do to mitt romney? >> there is no evidence that his votes came from mitt romney . he took votes from romney and
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obama . he got a million two votes and fell short of the five percent you node to get your party federal funding to become a permanent funding. i know how teddy roosevelt felt when hoe became a moose. >> steve: herman cain signatured it was time for a third party. the two parties are not fixing our problem. >> it is simple they are for deficit spend patriot act and war on drugs. despite the rhetoric they are almost identical. >> steve: but they are different on social issues. gary johnson talked about legalizing pot and explains in washington state he had one percent and in colorado, he wound up with 1.3 percent of the vote. pot was on the ballot.
6:19 am
>> the country is ready for a fiscal conservative and socially tolerant. that's where the most of the people are. but two major parties control the ballot acess and who gets in the debate and in the end it is about money. ross perot got 13 million but pent 10 percent of his own money. >> steve: so if there is a rich lib terian has a shot. >> and my phone number is. >> steve: 25 minutes after the top of the hour. next up on the run down, are we doing enough to get our returning veterans back to work? look in the mirror, there are four things on your face and ear that could reveal if you are about to die . not kidding. stick around you don't want to miss this.
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>> thank you and please get up. headlines. home of nancy pelosi broken into. kevin michael hagen admitting to break in six homes including pelosies. and chaos in greece. rioters clashing with police as parliment passes an austerity bill that includes cuts and tax increases in two years. get used to it guys, gretch?
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>> gretchen: u.s. vet ravens coming home from war face a challenge of finding a job. the general of the army transition program helps soldiers from active duty to career life. he's my guest this morning. >> thank you for the opportunity to talk about our soldiers and great veterans. >> gretchen: we thank them for their service but looking at unemployment numbers, it is tough enough for the average american but especially tough for those coming back from iraq and afghanistan. look at national unemployment rate is 7.9 percent but for the vets it is 10 percent. >> the fantastic volunteers are the strength of our army and the soldiers are wonderful folks to have in your communities to work. they are true patriots and not
6:25 am
only that, they are very strong individual and make excellent employees and neighbors and teammate bring such values and attributes and they are wonderful people and i tell you, the nation has been positive and all of the inner government agencies that we work with to help veterans find the jobs. as the army, we are focusing on helping our veterans and help them be career ready and so when they leave the service they find a easier time to transition and find a job. >> gretchen: you think there is confusion in the hiring world about the wonderful attributes? is that why the number is higher than the national average? >> i am not sure why it is higher. soldiers are transition and improving the opportunities . we changed our programs and
6:26 am
the soldiers can spend more time transitioning. i met with over 20 companies to talk about helping soldiers to transition and bring them in the work force. they leave strong and they leave stronger and bring team building skills and adaptable and right type of people to hire. >> gretchen: no doubt i have lookked at numbers and unemployment rate for all veterans and it is on the news with a big -- we featured the companies on "fox and friends" banks and such that are hiring. thank you for your time this morning. >> brian: thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, the president's cabinet. who is in and out of there? ben, i am not lying there is a
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>> gretchen: go ahead. >> steve: today's shot of the morning sent from heaven. the behind the scenes look of victoria secret fashion show in the armory in matt. the angels victoria angels showed off the lingerie. head line walked the runway in the lines two and half million brasierre. everywhere she went was a goy with a gun to protect her. >> gretchen: it is criminal to look that good. down ride crim mal. look at the abs. >> brian: she really need protection. i am sure. >> she has had a baby. 92 yes. >> brian: find out how many
6:32 am
kids she h. god hates us but wehave an angel. god hates. >> gretchen: you do. >> steve: gretch has a your year old daughter asking when she can turn on the cat walk. i was about to get on my flight. mom, when can i be able to do this? you know pose and put the wings on and walk and send kisses? >> gretchen: she is blessed with same pileggies or abs. >> brian: she was born leann i imagine. >> joe doubt. >> steve: always room. >> brian: moving on from the angels to something not so angelic. >> steve: people up and down the east coast got the last thing they wanted for super storm sandy. more rain and sleet and foot of snow. and it is making for a messy and dangerous commute. we can tell you that. janice is in the weather
6:33 am
center. i follow you on twitter and i know you are working even though the power went out at your house again>> we got it on and i am talking from sandy. and then got it back on for a couple of days . then pop, pop, fizz, fizz, and it is the power lines outside and my husband just called me. the generator is not working. >> brian: duracell. >> you know what we have a house over our head and we are fortunate because so many are without their homes and homeless and cold, someone else's home or basement for days and so we have to count our blessings and our neighbors have been great. >> steve: janice we are lucky to have you here to tell us how bad it is. not only personal.
6:34 am
>> we have better weather ahead in the next several days. but let's talk about the snowfall toltses. new jersey over a foot. manchester, new jersey, 12 inchings. connecticut 10 inches and albertson, new york much in long iland 7.5 x. this area is vulnerable because of what sandy did. it is a nor'easter and everything is so fragile on the coastlines, the trees are fraggil and power lines are frag and i will people are fragile in this area . the storm is still cranked up off shore and we are seeing snow in long ilanup to new england x. by friday, this should be out of here. it is wind gusts in express of 40 miles per hour. and jfk and nantucket 60 miles per hour. we'll deal with that.
6:35 am
airports hubs in new york call ahead to make sure your airplane will get in or you will get out on time. we have closures in the northeast and delays over the rest of the country. there are the highs today. 40s and tomorrow, 50s and heading into saturday close to 60 degrees. that is good news that i have for you today, back to you. >> gretchen: thank you for the update and i hope you get your power back. >> steve: janice there is it a possibility of a blizzard in the northern plains and rockies, coming up in weekend. >> brian: if you are the director of emergency management get your resume in quick there. is a opening. andrew cuomo finally somebody that screwwed up the preparations and everything else with the response to the hurricane sandy. steven kerr is out. he evidently sent a crew to
6:36 am
get a tree off his driveway diverting him - on them from other people. andrew cuomo heard and fired him. >> steve: the first lady of new jersey she revealed they were without electricity six or seven days. >> gretchen: believe it or not people suffering from the original storm and now have the nor'easter. americans have more questions than answers on the benghazi terrorist attack . peter doocy is live in washington dc with more. >> you are right. hi, gretch gretchh. roundding up high-ranking officials one week from today and try to get them to explainn in plain english that left four americans including ambassador stevens dead and what the administration did or did not do to help them in the attack.
6:37 am
they will hear from sy democraticor petraeus and matt olson who made waves when he was the first official to say the deadly 9/11 raid on benghazi was a terrorist attack and many in the administration were insisting it could have been provoked by the anti-slamic youtube trailer. it will be the first time sy david petraeus will go on the record about the benghazi attack since it was revealed that the former navy seals were working for the sy out of the a nearby agency annex. we have to wait a week x. intelligence sources that revealed the latest video messages from al salhiri.
6:38 am
she said it will be a model for the future attackings. it was diminished in this case because it took so long to get out. it is because of the security measures he takes to avoid being tracked. back to you in new york. >> gretchen: thank you, peter doocy in washington d.c.. 92 we know president obama will be in the white house four more years. but secretary of state hillary clinton said she would not stick around. as the state department faces growing criticism for the benghazi terrorist attack. and treasury secretary tim geithner is planning on getting out. defense secretary leon panetta will step down in a year and david petraeus will stay on as sigh soy director. >> gretchen: signs of heart trouble may be staring you in
6:39 am
the face. people with baldwin creases near the earlobes and bumpos their eye lids are 57 percent greater risk for heart attack or heart disease. risks are the same for both men and women. >> brian: a murder suspect stealing a jet from a utah airport. he sped off and clipped the side with a left wing. >> steve: you need the wing. >> brian: i think so. you need two . he took his own life. he was suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend. the entire incident happened back in july. >> gretchen: little girl gets a scare of her life posing in front of a lionn enclosure posing in a french >> harris:. -- the girl utue is set to
6:40 am
scary music and slow motion . she looks cute. >> brian: so is the lion. talk sports. chargers hit with a $20,000 fine. it is on your mind and a staff member refused to turn over the towel. the nfl said no rules were broken but banned subance on the team towels it used to have the stickum. and touching show of support for coach bigano. he has leukemia and andrew luck, quarterback, latest member to shave his head. three dozen colts playiers lost their lockks. and they ha a tribute to him above their lockers. colts are playing great this
6:41 am
year . next football sevenivation . it is a she and not a he. this is same gordon number 6 and lightning quick speed and sam plays tackle football in utah and out runs the boys two years older and scored 32 times her first season and has 1900 yard and made more of a impact than tatum o'neil did. >> gretchen: i would love to talk to her. >> brian: we can't catch her. >> steve: she is too fast for a phone call . go sammy, go. >> brian: she would get up early . >> steve: 19 machines until the top of the hour. walmart biggest dls of the year just released. >> gretchen: and a day after the president is reelected. markets have the worst day of the year . is going on with the money.
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steve varnney is breaking it down next. good morning, judge. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again.
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other serious stomach conditions may sll exist. let your doctor do his job. and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. mr. #1: quick head leanns. health insurance stocks taking a huge hit. it fell four-eight percent. investtors worry about obama care hurting their profit. the plan will cost billions in fees . a jump back on blackk friday, the day after thanksgiving. just a short time ago. walmart offered a 32 inch high
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def tv for $148. a blue ray playier for 38 bucks and buy an ipad 2, score a $75 walmart gift card. all right. mr. shopper, brian. all right. just one day after president obama would have won reelectionn. dow over sees the largest drop of the year. stewart varney is here. >> the primmary reason is this. we are probably going to get a deal on the fiscal cliff thing that. will include a tax increase on wettley people. harry reid said the rich has to pay more to fix this fiscal cliff problem. if you get a tax increase on so-call would wealthy people and raise the tax paid out by
6:47 am
dividends, you encourage a stock market sell off. >> brian: and a situation from germmny -- you don't think that played into it. >> it may have been a small part. this is going on for yearrs. don't tell me all of the sudden that germany has an extra problem and our market goes down. it is tax increase and fiscal cliff. >> brian: ben bernanke keeps his job. in california. not many people found a corporate tax to bring in one billion for business taken and entrepreneurs outside of the state who want to do business in the state. explain this? >> california is in a fiscal mess and they will raise taxes. and i am a company based in new york and i do business in california. california is now going to tax me california profit's tax even though i am a new york
6:48 am
based business. they are spreading the tax net to companies based out of state. >> brian: governor brown went to college campus to get support for this. he got it. >> california is in a financial mess and they raised taxes and passed proposition 30 that reallies taxes again. >>rian: now you will not do business there. >> california reelected president obama by a 20 point margin because they want a bailout. they think the second obama term will bail them out of their financial problemms. they are raising taxes leftt, right and and pushing businesses out of the state and they want a bailout and i think at point they will probably get it. >> brian: in terms of me doing the action thriller in california. i will turn it down. >> would you do life of brian
6:49 am
two? >> brian: i am thinking about it >> we worship you oh, brian. >> brian: we'll have to see. see you stewart varney. >> my pleasure. >> brian: day one of the next four yearings. he died and went to heaven and now the neurosurgeon has the number one book in the country and answering your questions for crossing over for one full week. we'll have the answer. "fox and friends" right now x. 49 percent of the americans on government assistance and that's why the president wants a second term. the judge want to embrace you, next. smote ♪ [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ]
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>> it is not a traditional america anymore and 50 percent of the voting public who want stuff. they want things. and who is going to give them things? president obama. >> steve: there is bill o'reilly on the election night coverage talking about how people want stuff and on president obama's watch, people got more stuff than ever. >> gretchen: between 2008 and 11, welfare stamps increase exclude food stamps surged by 71 percent . so did entitlement explosion help the president lock up a term? there is so much discussion about the tipping point. 50 percent of the population who is getting a government hand out and careful to use the entitlement word.
6:54 am
people it is social security and medicare. but we are talking about food statchs and welfare. 92 we are talking about a dangerous situation that was predicted 200 years ago by thomas jeffers yon alexander hamilton who rarely agreed on anything. but they agreed on this. when the public treasury becomings a public trop. they will only send to government who sends back the piece of the pie . when it reaches 50 and goes over 50. there is uation where half plus one that receives from the trop has legal tools with which to fill the trop from the pocket books. >> brian: more metaphors. you would think that the cash cow would be treated like the golden goose and not touched because they are supplies the
6:55 am
50 percent that are on the trop. >> you are so smart. >> brian: i rejected. the campus was nicer. why, why don't we covet the bread winners more and treat them so harshly. >> because the people who control these, the president know the short-term gain like the re-election victory two nights ago is the result of giving away cash now. they don't see every dollar taken away from taxpayer is a dollar less to invest in the economy and produce prosperity and jobs. they don't see the long-term affect of raising taxes x. less economic activity and not more>> steve: so the class warfare thing will on for a long time. >> yes, i am telling you and i am happy to say it. o'reilly is right. he put in my view his finger
6:56 am
on the entire meaning of the evening. people who want stuff are now a statistical majority of voters in the country. >> gretchen: but it is not just monetary, it is a mind set, would you agree with that? >> yes, that's the first part of the bill's statement when he said the majority of the country no longer embraces the traditions that we were taught as children and parents and grandparents embraced. things are changing. >> steve: you can read the arcticle on fox >> thank you. >> steve: he was a neurosurgeon that was not sure heaven existed until he died and experienced it first hand. he will answer your questions about what it is like on the other side.
6:57 am
e-mail us. >> gretchen: it is like something out of a james bond movie. robbers robbing a mall on scooters and axes. at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪ >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, november 8, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. one week, actually ten days after sandy storms the northeast, mother nature striking again. check out your tv screen. yep. this is a nor'easter knocking out power for thousands. where is good old uncle sam when you need him most? closed! look at the right side of your screen. due to weather, fema couldn't show up to help people. really? >> brian: a day after the election, something strange happening on capitol hill. at least in words. bipartisanship? they can't do it alone. >> congress can't leave, greta.
7:01 am
535 people can't lead. the president has to lead. >> brian: right. that was haley barber. does the commander in chief have it in him? general colin powell talked about it. >> steve: he's a neurosurgeon who wasn't even sure whether or not heaven existed until he died and experienced it firsthand for seven days. doctor is here it answer your questions about crossing over. if you've got a question, what heaven is like. e-mail us right now. friends at fox "fox & friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. >> brian: a voice said a tour of normalcy. there is nothing normal going on. >> gretchen: you did the sports cast again. >> brian: that did seem quite
7:02 am
normal. it did seem strangely strange. but we have another storm that we're experiencing that's got a name to it. athena. >> steve: that's right. the weather channel decided they're going to extraordinarily, they've decided they're going to start naming it 'cause it's the first big one that starts with an a. >> brian: i played into it. >> steve: we don't have a name for it. >> brian: i call it hydro plaining. >> steve: it's really not good. we start with an extreme weather alert. mother nature play ago cruel trick on people reeling from hurricane sandy. nor'easter in new york with rain, sleet and a foot of snow a foot and a half in some spots. a anna kooiman is in staten island still realing from sandy and now here comes athena. >> i'm just glad they didn't call it anna. good morning to you guys and good morning to everybody at home. super storm sandy compounding the issues of the nor'easter. the wrath is still evident.
7:03 am
there are cars piled on top of one another, boats that slammed into homes after floating away from their dock, all covered with several inches of snow. a foot in some parts of the region. news this morning of a major fire, this after residents in staten island and across the region say they are feeling forgotten. new york governor andrew cuomo cutting loose the state's emergency management director for ordering a crew to leave their post and remove a tree from his very own driveway. steven kerr was making 153,000 grand a year and spent two decades working for new york city emergency management services. early this morning, nearly 293,000 homes and businesses in new york state were without power. another 403,000 in new jersey. airlines canceling at least 1300 flights in and out of new york metropolitan area leading to travel slow downs across the country. today commuters in the northeast will deal with lingering snowfall, icy roads, gusting
7:04 am
winds, rain and the threat of flooding. residents are fed up. >> mother nature is really killing us right now. >> i'm sorry for whatever we did. we'll make it up to you. >> this is awful. this is just beyond terrible. it's awful. i'm done. >> crews haven't had a chance to come clean up all this debris. it's still line ago lot of the streets and health hazards associated with that, the mold growing and everything else. when people walk out of their homes to see this beautiful white snowfall in some areas, they don't know what's underneath it and it's twisted metal, splintered wood and nails. definitely a word of caution for those folks this morning of the but good news for them. temperatures could get up to the 50s and 60s in some areas of the region in the next few days. back to you. >> gretchen: i saw that. that was the silver lining in the whole thing. >> brian: that's what we're used to. >> steve: she's right. ♪ is so pretty when it's not blowing and it just covers all of the debris. >> brian: good news is, i just
7:05 am
found out it's too cold for locusts. so there is no way they're actually going to hit our area. >> steve: but it's perfect plague weather. >> brian: we just got word that god hates us. >> steve: god hates -- >> gretchen: you got to cover that up when you say that, though. >> brian: that's right. >> gretchen: how would you like to be one of these people like brian who is looking to fema for help if going to knock on the door, hey, after 11 days, coy get some help? >> steve: what about the dip sign upside down. >> gretchen: they go in staten island, they go to the fema center for hurricane relief yesterday and they found this sign. fema center closed due to weather. aren't they supposed to be there because of the weather? >> steve: you know, federal employees, it's a snow day for them. what would be really scary is if the national weather service said we're closed because of the weather. that's their job. >> brian: they'd staten island and those people are just beside themselves. they feel abandoned.
7:06 am
long island, about 500,000 people have absolutely no lights and are choose not guilty many cases -- choosing to stay in their homes. i don't know. i didn't talk to people, but it was 25 degrees last night. so here you are hidden by snow, no lights, no power, no communication with anybody that's supposed to be putting the lights on and then you can't get -- once the lights go on, you can't get the power to your house because you haven't been cleared because salt water might have been in your house or in your panel and then all of a sudden, you get hit by this. >> steve: there were ten fema centers that suspended operations yesterday because of the snow. so you've got to figure they probably got a call from washington. hey, there is a nor'easter, you can close early. >> brian: i hope washington even makes the phone call now that the election is over. >> steve: that's good point. >> brian: it wasn't good before this. now it could be worse. >> gretchen: good point. so we will keep you posted on that. couple other headlines now. markets may be settling down today after a disastrous day of
7:07 am
trading. the dow plunged 313 points, largest drop in a year. the first time dow closed below 13,000. asian markets fell short because of the so-called fiscal cliff and worries of europe's economy. cuts appear to have provided stability in some trading, at least in europe. we may be one step closer to getting answers on the benghazi terrorist attack. the house intelligence committee will hold a hearing next thursday. the obama administration faced criticism for initially blaming a video for that attack and not doing more to protect the consulate. the director of the national intelligence, matt olson, director of national counterterrorism center and david petraeus are expected to testify. the senate will hold a hearing the same day. we will have a live report for you in the next half hour. it brought back terrifying memories of the dc sniper. somebody driving around the
7:08 am
streets of michigan shooting at innocent people. now hopefully driver there is can re a little easier. police arrested and charged raleigh coo steel, believed he's responsible for two dozen highway shootings. we're believing the 43-year-old father may be mentally ill. he bragged about carrying a hand gun, but he had no prior criminal record. it was like something straight out of a bond movie, but instead of a get away car, they used motor bikes. four men pulled right into a london mall waving axes. you can see them here on surveillance video. smashing out cases inside a jewelry store. they took hundreds of thousands of goods, including cartier watches. those are your head lines. >> steve: on election night, the president of the united states reached out to the four top leaders in congress via phone. he talked to two of them last night and got hold of the other two on wednesday morning and he said you know what? we got this pick cliff coming and we got to work together and
7:09 am
put partisan interests aside. yesterday john boehner did just that. he said that the republicans are willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions to get a deal. harry reid extraordinarily was talking about dancing and fighting, which is his way of saying he's ready to make some sort of a deal as well. but like gretchen said a minute ago, there is a big selloff on wall street yesterday because people on wall street feel that we are much closer to going off the fiscal cliff than before the election. >> gretchen: even if get a decision here, any kind of an agreement, bipartisanship, whatever you want to call it, it's only going to be short-term. this is not a -- nobody is paying attention to erskine bowls and that whole debt reduction plan. nope of the this is just going to be another stop gap measure. how do you feel about that? is that really bipartisanship for the long-term? are we really going to face all of these issues with both parties? >> brian: erskine bowls wrote a
7:10 am
column today and said this is the perfect time to act. boehner said mr. president, this is your moment, we are ready to be led t. has to come from you. all john boehner has to do is meet with eric cantor and say we have to get on the same page. whatever page that is, they have to get on the same page because when the president sits across, he has to know that that person has the juice to get whatever deal they make done. they knew newt gingrich had the juice. >> steve: you got the two sides have been polarized. they are still. you need somebody to bring them together. that's why we have a president. right now haley barber told greta van susteren we need a leader. you know who i'm talking about. >> congress can't lead, greta. 535 people can't lead. the president has to lead. and divided government is not some automatic gridlock. when ronald reagan was president, when he had divided government, he did the reagan economic plan, social security reform. we did tax reform. we did immigration reform. when bill clinton was president, we had republican congress,
7:11 am
democrat president. we did welfare reform. we did the first balanced budget in a generation. in each case the president led. in each case, he was willing to advocate and he was also willing to compromise. >> steve: the president of the united states did tell the leader of russia that after the election, he would be more flexible. let's hope he's -- that would apply to the republican party. maybe they can actually get a deal because clearly, social security, medicare, the entitlements, all sorts of stuff has got to be fixed for it to go on. now is the time before it's too late. >> brian: let's hope the russian don't want to sell us bayonets because the president has no interest in that. >> gretchen: let's talk about colin powell. some people, were you surprised that he endorsed president obama again for this election cycle even though he is a republican? now he has some advice actually for the president of the united states. he has found at least two things that he needs to work on. >> it was going to be stiff
7:12 am
resistance from the republicans. he did. but at the same time, i think he could have done more with respect to setting the right tone and showing some leadership and these are two areas that i think he really has to focus on in his second term. that is reaching out to the business community and listening and reacting to what he's being told and secondly, as difficult as it sometimes is and almost all of you in this room had the experience of working with congress, that's the nature of our system. >> steve: now it's time to get something done because we need it done. there you can see him, he was there at think tank in washington, d.c. last night at a book event. of course, his book is on leadership. >> brian: if we can't balance the books and get down our deficit, why not get high? that seems to be the theme in this country. making pot legal just to get high. is this really a good idea? next on the run down, we have a
7:13 am
pastor who was adduct to do drugs himself before he turned his life around and sees a problem with this gateway drug. >> gretchen: it's all about raising funds to balance the budget. could there be other ways or have we gone to pot? then he's a neurosurgeon who wasn't sure heaven existed until he died and went there. he's here to answer your questions about crossing over literally. e-mail him now at friends at >> last night colorado became the first state to legalize recreational use of marijuana. [ cheers and applause ] you can tell colorado is weed friendly because they named that one team to denver mcnuggets. >> steve: funny begin. tomato, obviously.
7:14 am
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7:17 am
>> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour. recreational marijuana use is now legal in two states, colorado and washington. allowing anyone at least 21-years-old to carry up to an ounce of weed. supporters say this could start a nationwide movement. >> we are happy here in colorado. we've taken a step forward. we're going to send a message around the world that marijuana prohibition has failed and time for new direction. >> gretchen: our next guest says legalizing marijuana is a dangerous idea. he knows because he battled drug addiction before finding faith. the bishop is the head of the international faith-based coalition and he's my guest this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. how are you doing? >> gretchen: i'm doing great. i know you started your odyssey with drug use at age 19 and started with pot. right? >> absolutely. pot, marijuana is a gateway drug and highly addictive. we have scientific fact that show great data on that now. >> gretchen: you went on to crack cocaine and where from
7:18 am
there? >> no doubt about it. from marijuana to crack cocaine, marijuana is a substance that's highly addictive, but once you start smoking one joint, two joints, five joints, you can't get high off marijuana anymore. you still want an adept high, so you go to something heavier and statistics tell us the earlier you start marijuana, the more likely to go on to harder drugs. i did that. i absolutely went to crack cocaine. >> gretchen: some people who are proponents will say alcohol is legal and that's also a substance that when you abuse it, there are problems. so what's the difference? >> the mantra, regulate alcohol, marijuana like alcohol, is a misnomer. it's absolutely illusionary. one of the difference between alcohol and marijuana, when you drink alcohol, you can
7:19 am
self-regulate. you can monitor -- feels like i'm getting intoxicated. but with marijuana, you can not self-regulate. with the thc being so high in it today, one hit of that joint, you are intoxicated. that's the major difference between marijuana and alcohol. you can not self-regulate with marijuana and do not know how high you're going to get and that's going to cause problems for colorado and washington state. >> gretchen: so people there are asking, maybe some, why in god's name would they legalize this drug? what would the benefit be? i guess people in favor of it say astonishingly so, that it would bring in tax revenue to the states to balance their bum jet because they plan to tax it. could there not be another way, like maybe cutting costs first before we go down the path to legalizing drugs? >> gretchen, let's be very honest, people want to get high and marijuana seems to be the
7:20 am
drug of choice today, that very highly addictive schedule one drug. what about the health and welfare cost of the emergency room visits? dui driving, deaths, broken homes, especially in the underserved community, any taxes that colorado and washington state will raise will be disqualified by the health and welfare costs that they're going to have to endure. i guarantee you that. >> gretchen: wow. it's a fascinating discussion and a message about culture in our nation. bishop ron allen, somebody who would know about all this, thanks for your thoughts this morning. >> thank you for having me this morning. >> gretchen: what do you think about that? let us know. coming up next, are we getting a glimpse into our own future? coming up, firsthand look at what happens when you create a welfare nation. then he died and went to heaven
7:21 am
and now he's answering your questions. brian. >> brian: yeah, it's great to see you. number one author in the country right here to talk about going to heaven. i don't know who else could actually do that except for him. doctor, go inside [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. a wand, some wings,
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7:24 am
>> steve: quick headlines on this thursday morning. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will come face-to-face with the man who shot her later today. jared loughner will be handed his life sentence after agree to go a plea deal three months ago. giffords and her husband, mark kelly, will be at the hearing. if you're flying this thanksgiving, it might cost you more than ever. that's because there are fewer flights, so more demand means they can charge us more. ticket prices are up 4% for domestic flights. the busiest travel day, sunday,
7:25 am
november 25. plan ahead. >> brian: we've introduced you to our next guest once before. you had a great reaction. a neurosurgeon. one day in 2008 when everything changed, he was driven into a coma by meningitis. his brain stopped functioning and doctors believed he would not survive, but a miracle happened. he woke up from his coma claiming heaven exists and he has proof. he's sharing his story and a best selling book "proof of heaven." how do you know there is a heaven, doctor? welcome back. >> thank you. it's very good to be back. and it was shown to me in a very powerful way that ultrareality that many have described after near death experiences and then there was the proof that was offered up to me in who i saw in that realm. >> brian: and you are somebody who was not religious before, but certainly are now and you say first off, the headline would be there is a good.
7:26 am
>> absolute -- god. >> absolutely. i think most people know this deep down. >> brian: what we did is 90 minutes ago we asked our audience to ask questions of you and the e-mail went crazy. here we go. you don't mind answering questions? >> no, it's great. >> brian: mary jo asked you, how do you know it wasn't a dream? >> well, a big advantage was that i had bacterial meningitis, lasting for a week, very severe. the whole part of my cortex, outer surface, which is what makes us human, all of our conscious experiences happens there. i should have had no experience whatsoever with my cortex wiped out with meningitis. yet i had this very rich experience. it could not have been a dream because dreams happen in the cortex. >> brian: you describe a situation where a woman that gives you -- >> spoiler alert. >> brian: you did not know who she was. you were adopted. you found out later that was a sister you had never met that passed on.
7:27 am
>> yes. >> brian: that was like a saint on earth. that's where she came through. carol from london says my husband is an atheist and died. do you think he is being punished for his disbelief. were you a believer before your experience? >> i had believed for much of my life, but because of a rejection by my birth family in 2000, i had lost all my belief in a loving personal god and in prayer for eight years before my coma. and her husband is not being punished because god loves each and every one of us very deeply. in fact, it is that intense love for us that drives his wanting, her wanting for us to have that belief. >> brian: but you think it's important to believe in g while on earth? >> it's important because it gives us that gift and that grace. that god loves us so much that yes, of course it helps to have that belief because god doesn't want to feel the pain of our
7:28 am
forgetting about the divine. >> brian: peter from toms river, new jersey says when in heaven, were you able to look at those when are alive in this life and witness our various activities? >> my near death experience was somewhat different in that with the severe meningitis, i was limited temporarily from remembering my earth lie existence, even though i knew about earth and the purpose for our being here. but i did not remember the personal life. >> brian: you weren't able to see back. another says what, are people wear not guilty heaven? are you able to distinguish between angels from people that once lived? >> yes. in my experience, people were clothed, souls were clothed and angels in kind of these beautiful garments, although the souls between lives were in what i call peasant garb.
7:29 am
but it was very colorful and beautiful. and the angels were these light bodies, human necessarient creatures -- human necessarient creatures. wearing a golden glow. >> brian: you talk about three different realms. you got to get the book. but here is one get a lot of. this is made represents a lot of our viewers who says, i miss my dog so much, will she be there for me when i die? >> yes. i mean, heaven is for all god's creatures. there is nothing especially unique about humans. this is a realm for all living souls, consciousness from all of the beings. they're not -- pets are not eliminated. >> brian: the other common question i get to ask you, is there a hell? you said no, but the people -- but you will be forced to pay for how you treated other people. >> right. >> brian: and see what you put them through through their eyes.
7:30 am
>> exactly. but not an infinite eternal hell. >> brian: okay. congratulations on the success of your book and surviving and you're a guy that does not fear death and off lot of life left in you. thank you very much. we sit down for a half hour on radio a little later. >> thanks a lot. i appreciate your invitation. >> brian: i'm glad you were snowed in. 30 minutes from now, we have much more. dennis miller reports, you decide. listen. >> some people think this was the best day america's ever had, its ploweddest moment. i don't agree. i like a country where people bust their tookus. >> brian: more on what a tookus is from miller on the state of america. then check out the baby mop. is it the smartest invention you've ever seen or just plain mean? i still like the pocket chair. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
7:31 am
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7:34 am
>> today obama's reported to be paying back the many people who helped him win. for bill clinton a gift card to
7:35 am
hooters. >> gretchen: what? he should get a little more than that 'cause let me tell you, he was instrumental in this whole race. >> steve: it all depends on how much the gift card is for. >> gretchen: maybe so. presidency in 2016 for hillary, maybe he'll take it. >> steve: that's the conventional wisdom. that's why bill clinton was out on the stump working so hard for barak obama. it was so barak obama -- with support for hillary clinton. yesterday at the department of state, victoria nund la said it sounded like she was going to stick around and she said no, absolutely. hillary clinton will be leaving shortly. >> gretchen: she said that a long time ago. she said she want to do do one term, regardless of what the election outcome would be. you know, many people have said look, she's exhausted. she's been doing this job for four years and then the political junkies are saying, does she really want to just lay low while she starts to prepare to run potentially for 2016? >> steve: if she does leave and
7:36 am
she will. who will take her place? the conventional wisdom is it had been susan rice. she's, to a lot of people, she's damaged goods after what she said on all the sunday chat shows. it would be a tough confirmation. perhaps john kerr gee a better choice for secretary of state and if john kerry is, then that could be really good news for scott brown because if john kerry left as senator of massachusetts, there would be a special election. scott brown would most probably be favored. of course, he was beaten by elizabeth warren a couple days ago. >> brian: i have a better idea for him. colin powell. he's obviously a fan, knows his stuff. colin powell is obviously a supporter. it seems to be a good indication of reaching across the aisle. >> steve: maybe. >> brian: 24 minutes before the top of the hour. last night dennis miller did his normal stint on bill o'reilly. he had a different take, speaking from the heart rather than the sense of humor portion of plains. listen. >> the election, i think this is where this country is at right
7:37 am
now. i don't know everybody else's political predirection. yesterday some people think this was the best day america ever had. its proudest moment. i don't agree. i know i'm going to be the object of readvantage now, but i'm not going to back off it. i like a country where people bust their tookus and i think this country's gone a long way towards becoming more of a european model. if you're out there now making $45,000 a year busting your hump, being away from your family because it's in your hard drive to do the right thing, the right thing changed in this country yesterday. you can get close to that from the government. >> steve: there is so much available. >> gretchen: it's such a great point about -- we talked about this earlier with the judge. you feel that the traditions of what this nation has been built upon, which is minnesota we call it the hard midwestern work
7:38 am
ethic. i'm sure you have different things in different regions of the country. it's kind of the way you grow up. it's ingrained in you, that you learn that you're going to work hard and you usually get somewhere when you do that. >> steve: well, you know with a? if there were more jobs available, maybe more people would be work. right now times are tough. >> brian: but the times have always been tough. to do find a different way. you got to be an entrepreneur. you'll find out that the economy is going to turn around, he'll have to inspire people to do it. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. the dean of all weather people is ready to go. >> steve: indeed. people up and down the east coast got the last thing they wanted a week after super storm sandy. we wound up with a big storm essentially a blizzard in some parts of the tri-state area overnight, didn't we? >> absolutely, on the drive home. it was just horrible for so many commuters, so many people without power. people that got their power back and now are without power again. i just want to show you the evolution of the storm that
7:39 am
started across the southeast, moved up the coast line and hit some of the same areas that sandy hit ten days ago. that just is the worst part of this is it's hitting a very vulnerable spot. over the last six hours, still getting snow across long island, southern connecticut, toward new england. still very powerful, we're getting wind gusts in excess of 40, 50 miles an hour along the coast line. but we do have a good forecast ahead for parts of new jersey, long island and southern connecticut. temperatures into the 50s, even the 60s into next week. we certainly need that if we're going to start to remr. and recover. -- rebuild and recover. >> steve: the trouble is, i saw the numbers for atlantic city there tonight. it will be 26 in atlantic city. >> gretchen: we got another cold night. >> steve: indeed. thanks. >> brian: the blackjack dealer has to wear gloves. meantime, new york emergency management director axed. governor andrew quo me said i've had it. i'm firing you after he diverted a crew to clear a tree from his
7:40 am
property. one of the cities where the workers should have been, staten island, reporter robert moses is live this morning, freezing for us. what's happening there, robert? >> good morning to you and good morning, everyone. we heard janice talking about the one-two punch of hurricane sandy and the snow. the snow provided a beautiful cover, but it's just covering the damage here on staten island. you can see the power lines just behind me are nearly touching the ground. we're actually several feet below because this concrete gave way here during hurricane sandy and i will try to stumble up here to street level. you can see all the damage we still have here on staten island. that tree leaning over the power lines. situation. nor'easter forced the closure of the disaster relief be back open today for people to get some relief. that is the latest, live from staten island, robert moses, fox
7:41 am
news. back to you. >> gretchen: thanks much. now to other headlines for your thursday. chaos again in greece? rioters clashing with police as parliament passes an austerity bill. the bill has $17 billion worth of cuts and tax increases for the next two years. it comes amid news that the unemployment rate in greece hit 25.4% in august. that's up 6% from the same time last year. >> steve: a dramatic chase after a bank robbery right out of the movies and it was all caught on camera. let's show it to you. you can see the suspect trying to run away from the police. a mailman saw the guy and the chase was underway. a police car swerved to avoid the suspect, but crashed into a fence and a tree. the suspect got found in a backyard, but didn't give up easily. it all led to some very scary
7:42 am
moments for kids, students nearby. watching. >> went back inside, told all the students to remain in the classrooms and not to leave the classrooms 'til we hear what's going on. >> steve: police recovered cash, a gun and some marijuana after they arrested the guy. >> brian: parents, you no longer have an excuse to have a dirty house. look at this. we got a baby mop. a baby mop, yes. it's a onesy with mop heads attached to the arms and legs, designed to pick up dust and dirt as your baby crawls. >> gretchen: oh! >> brian: what is that called? >> gretchen: come on. >> brian: this is a human rumba. the baby mop was inspired by a japanese spoof product. it sells for $40. >> gretchen: there is something wrong with that. >> brian: really? that kid is making minimum wage. >> steve: he's crawling and cleaning. can you imagine if you got a dog
7:43 am
out there and you could attach that to your dog's back tail? >> brian: when that kid learns to walk, that place is going to be filthy. >> steve: right now it's spotless. >> gretchen: coming up, are you green with envy? are you jealous of the person with money or the person with a bigger slice of pizza? dr. keith ablow up next with this latest installment of normal or nutsso. >> steve: the top five companies hiring this week. cheryl casone in her hand holds the answer. she'll share it with you when we come back begin.
7:44 am
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remember when christmas was magical? let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday and the unveiling of santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ it's so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too. >> gretchen: quick headlines now. the home of house minority
7:47 am
leader nancy pelosi broken into. police say kevin michael hagin admits breaking into six homes, including nancy pelosi's. it's not believed to be politically motivated. germane jackson changing his last name, but just the spelling. he's trading the o in jackson for a u. apparently for artistic reasons. this is the same guy who named his son jermajesty. steve. >> steve: you spell it carefully. minutes before the top of the hour, president obama made history this past tuesday not only by winning his second term, but also because he was reelected with the highest unemployment rate since frank line dell know roosevelt. we know that a lot of people have jobs and that's why cheryl casone joins us with the top five companies, hiring this week. let's start with take me to the skies. let's go to boeing. >> let's talk about boeing. they're actually cutting back and reorganizing on the defense side. but the commercial aircraft side is doing really well. that's where the jobs are right now. they've got 500 positions that are open right now.
7:48 am
12,000 total for the year. they got the big dream liner coming out. here are some of the positions. cyber security, engineers, and intelligence officers, finance. they're hiring in washington state, missouri, and south carolina. >> steve: where they're building the dream liner. >> yeah. actually a pretty nice plane. >> steve: i've actual will he been to the plant. great facility. if you're a nurse, you know how to operate a stethoscope and stuff like that, this company is looking for you. >> we've seen this huge boom in in-home care. people want to live out their final days in comfort and in their home. they don't want to go to nursing homes. this is bright star care, staffing agency. 1600 jobs open right now. they need nurses, about 500 jobs open now for nurses. also health home aids. like a nurse's assistant burks not a actual nurse. you don't need the education. general care givers. sales and marketing jobs if you're more of a professional type. dallas, los angeles, philadelphia, new york, and also in the cleveland area. they're hiring right now.
7:49 am
again, we keep finding these jobs all the time. >> steve: life is very stressful these days and that's probably why elements therapeutic massage is looking for a few good hands. >> that's franchises are exploding across the country. >> steve: like we saw. >> massage envy. we're really stressed out in this country because we're really going to these massage places. 600 new jobs. 30 new studios being opened. they're going to start offering a benefits if you work there next year. texas, illinois, arizona. they're going after massage envy's market. >> steve: and time for pizza. toppers pizza. >> i always find good food companies at 7:00 o'clock in the morning. 46 unit eclectic pizza delivery franchise. 630 jobs open. if you're a general manager, you can make about 28, maybe to $40,000 a year, assistant managers. michigan, wisconsin, texas, iowa. again, they are expanding their offices as well. their pizza offices.
7:50 am
>> steve: nicely done. you deliver as well. if people would like more information on the internet. >> go to i list everything including where to apply for the jobs. if you've got an job through this segment, e-mail me as well. >> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, some days you can conquer the world. other days you just don't want to get out of bed. is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow here next. first on this day in 1962, "he's a rebel" by the crystals. number one song in the usa [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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7:53 am
can 1. >> brian: am i normal or nuts. don't answer that. it's a question everyone asks themselves once in a while.
7:54 am
it's a question we ask dr. keith ablow every week. >> gretchen: joining us to answer the e mails you census psychiatrist, which makes him eligible for this segment, dr. keith ablow. good morning to you. >> i qualify. >> gretchen: you qualify. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so here is e-mail number one about mood changes. some days i wake up, i feel like i can conquer the world. other days i'm so moody and sad, i can barely get out of bed. am i a manic dresssive? -- depressive? >> i tell you one thing, you're not nuts. we reserve that for people making bizarre choices in life and we always say so good naturedly. but listen, yes, you could be bipolar because there is rapid cycling disorder where people feel at the top of the world one day and just like not getting out of bed the next. and what you need to do, of course, is get a professional consultation here. there are other things like much less severe than the big highs and lows of bipolar disorder where you've just got milder
7:55 am
highs, milder lows. find out what this is. get it treated. 90% of people get better or more. >> steve: that's good news. e-mail number two, i am the most jealous person. i feel envy over everything from the person who has more money to the person who gets the larger slice of pizza. dr. keith, she wonders is she nuts? somebody is always going to have a bigger piece of the pie. >> but you do like my ties i've noticed, steve. this woman is crazy. like way crazy nuts. okay? because she's not taking a hint here. you got to get to the bottom of these things. it's not about what other people have that defines you. it's about what you want and whether you achieve it. so something happened. you got it find out what is it? twas sibling rival flee did -- rivalry? did you compete for your dad's attention? >> brian: i'm always had the same recurring dream. in it, i'm a child playing in my
7:56 am
old neighborhood with my old neighborhood gang u about we haven't seen each other in 20 years. this normal? >> look, it's normal but you got to listen. again, go to the why. don't stop with this dream where you simply are playing. what else is happening in those circumstance as soon as do you miss these people? should you be calling them? should you be cultivating relationships equally as warm today if you haven't, why not? get to the bottom these things. there is a better chapter in your life story waiting for you as soon as you do. >> steve: great advice. if folks watching, they got questions, e-mail us. who knows, he might answer your question and tell you you're nuts on world wide television next week. thank you very much for dropping by. >> gretchen: thanks. >> any time. >> gretchen: coming up, what does four more years mean for your mortgage? bob massi here next with what you need to no. >> brian: 20 things that went right on direction day. michelle malkin has the task of
7:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, november 8, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a fantastic day. thank you for spending part of it with us. let's tell what you mother nature is doing because playing another cruel trick no either east on the thousands still reeling from hurricane sandy. where is the help? check out your screen. if you needed help, fema closed due to weather. really? >> steve: great. meanwhile, a big win for the president of the united states lead to go a big loss for your 401(k) yesterday. wall street falling off a cliff. but the president promising bipartisanship before we hit the real fiscal cliff the end of this year. senate majority leader harry reid has on his dancing shoes.
8:01 am
>> i know how to dance. i don't dance as well as i fight. but i would much rather dance any time. >> steve: i think we'd actually like to see him fight rather than dance. michelle malkin on this in moments. >> brian: he could be "dancing with the stars." look at this. you got a pilot stealing a plane and crash noose a building. there is nothing odd about that story. the whole thing is caught on camera. we have what actually happened. the back story, it gets worse. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: we just can't cut a break around here. >> gretchen: we can't. >> steve: talking about ten days ago we had sandy, now we have snow. >> brian: it's adjust nor'easter named athena. >> steve: it's a foot of snow! >> brian: and it's icy and it's thick. this thing called fall is happening now with the leaves staying on the trees, forcing
8:02 am
the weight of the tree get so heavy, they crash more. guess what in poles. what do poles do? they give you telephone -- >> steve: we can't cut a break! >> brian: it's true. new york post says god hates us. we will find out. >> gretchen: let's ask janice dean 'cause mother nature playing this cruel trick. tens of thousands people still reeling from sandy. nor a nor'easter whacking new jersey, new york, connecticut, rain, sleet and more than a foot of snow. i can attest to it. just look at this pile of cars here. that was from sandy. but now there is snow covering it. janice dean in the weather machine is in the weather center i guess is what we call it, right? >> yep. look at the snow totals. guys, over a foot of snow in new jersey, connecticut, ten inches here. danbury, 8.8 inches. and we're going to get more snow totals as the day goes on
8:03 am
because the storm isn't over yet. i want to show you where it is. moving up towards the coast of new england, but we're still seeing some snow and rain and sleet across long island, southern connecticut, up toward massachusetts. then we also have gusty winds, 40, 50 miles per hour. i just want to show you the lows overnight. 20s across new jersey and still freezing up towards new england. so we got another cold night to go and hundreds of thousands of people still without power. back to you. >> steve: we just can't get a break. >> gretchen: going to be a long winter. >> steve: it is. it hasn't even started. >> brian: last year when it snowed in october and it was a pretty mild winter. so i'm going to go with mild winter. >> i'm going with that forecast. >> brian: i don't get caught up in the maps and the globe. >> steve: we've had a lousy fall. let's hope for a better winter. >> gretchen: thank you so much. good to see you. new york's emergency management director sacked. governor andrew cuomo fired steven kerr apparently after he
8:04 am
used government work force clear a tree from his own personal property. he called to have it removed even as crews were used for emergencies after sandy. adding more salt to the wounds, victims on staten island can't get help because fema put up this sign, closed due to weather. we may be one step closer to nine gotting answers on the benghazi terrorist attack that left four americans dead, including our ambassador. the house intelligence committee will hold a hearing next thursday. the obama administration has faced widespread criticism for initially blaming the attack on an anti-muslim video and not doing more to protect the consulate. the director of national intelligence, james clapper, along with the director of counterterrorism center, matt olson, and the c.i.a. director, david petraeus, all expected to testify. the senate will also hold a hearing on the same day. today former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will come face-to-face with the man who tried to kill her. judge will sentence jared loughner to life in prison today
8:05 am
in accordance with the plea deal that he cut three months ago. he opened fire at giffords' congress on your corner event back in january of 2011, killing six people and injuring 13 others. giffords was hit in the head and will never fully recover. her husband, mark kelly, will be in the courtroom with her where he is going to speak on her behalf. surveillance video capture has hurt suspect stealing an airplane from an airport in utah. you see him speed off and clip the side of a building with the wing of the he later took his own life. the pilot was suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend. the entire incident happened back in july. those are your headlines. >> brian: with the balance of power remaining the same in washington, republican house, democratic senate, democratic president, the americans expect anything to get done over the next two years? i know we're hoping for that. molly henneberg joins us live in washington. she'll answer the question in about 90 seconds. >> good morning, steve and brian and gretchen.
8:06 am
americans voted for a split government and congressional leaders are taking notice and vowing to work together with some caveats. president obama is out of the frying pan of the campaign and into the fire of debt talks. you see him returning to washington yesterday with his family after a victory party in chicago. now the white house and congress are up against the clock. on january 1, hundreds of billions of dollars of tax increases and spending cuts automatically go into effect unless the president and lawmakers reach a deal. the gop speaker of the house offered an olive branch yesterday, saying republicans would consider new taxes if the president and democrats give some on their side. >> in order to garner republican support for new revenues, the president must be willing to reduce spending and shore up entitlement programs that are the primary drivers of our debt. if we aren't seeking to impose our will on the president, we're asking him to make good on his balanced approach.
8:07 am
>> the top senate democrat also says he's willing to work with republicans. senator harry reid saying, quote, compromise is not a dirty word. but he's also putting limits on how much compromise. >> everything within my power to be as conciliatory as possible. i want to work together, but i want everyone to also understand you can't push us around. >> time is not on the lawmakers' side with the holidays and the end of the year coming up and speaker boehner indicated yesterday that he may be in favor of some kind of short-term deal. back to you guys in new york. >> steve: molly live at the white house. let's go to the springs of colorado and michelle malkin joins us. michelle, you know, ever since the president was reelected issue a couple nights ago, we're now in a thelma and louise mode, we're heading for that cliff. now in the front seat you've got harry reid and john boehner. they say they're going to get along. what do you think?
8:08 am
>> it's the return of beltway ka bookie theater. i think everybody in washington feels obligated to pay lip service to bipartisanship when it appears that, unfortunately, a majority of americans voted for more of the same old same old. we heard this recycled rhetoric from obama about how we're not red states or blue states. we're the united states. >> brian: same as 08. >> yeah, that's right. recycled rhetoric. and a lot of the rhetoric that we're hearing now is recycled. my friends at hot air pointed out that although the beltway media is making a big deal out of these so-called concessionary noises out of john boehner's mouth, theta's the same standard template that he read from in april of last year and november of last year and june of this year. it's sort of a misinterpretation to say that he's advocating any kind of tax increases. he put the emphasis on revenue.
8:09 am
but i think the republicans have a problem because if there is a stalemate, obama wins by default because the current rates will lapse automatically. >> gretchen: so do you take them -- i give the sense you're not taking these politicians at their word. imagine that. >> yeah. >> gretchen: i think so many americans are so -- they don't want to see janer and harry reid stand up and stay the same old anymore, do they? >> no, they don't. there is still half of this country, i met thousands of conservative activists, limited government activists across this country over the last year. they do not want to hear or see the house republican majority capitulating on these important matters. what i'd love to see is when we got to those kabooky games about the debt limit, for once for the republicans in washington, to call this administration's
8:10 am
bluff. >> brian: what went right? 0 things that went right and they begin with? >> we do still have that majority in the house and i think that we need some bucking up here in the conservative movement on the right. we had an extremely devastating outcome on tuesday night. but the fact is that there are many, many great advocates on capitol hill still, many of them who stayed there. many who were reelected. and we need to make sure that they do their jobs. we have control of the house, the republicans majority. and there are many commits that have done an incredible job of holding them to the fire. >> brian: you see the map, ted cruz stands out, you think paul ryan is a star. >> steve: we got the whole list at you're sitting in colorado now and they did have a ballot initiative. how soon will you be able to go
8:11 am
and pie your legal pot? [ laughter ] i don't have an ounce in my pocket right now. >> steve: sure, that's what you tell us. >> we live in the tomb state now. it's going to be a while. the federal government, of course, is still treating marijuana, medical or otherwise, schedule 1 drug. the democratic governor here, john hickenlooper said it could be many, many months before they write the regulations, come up with a way to license the facilities that will sell these things. our initiative makes it possible to grow up to six plants in your own home, so there is all sorts of questions about enforcement and regulation. and i think it will be interesting to see how much discretion is -- >> gretchen: it's gog add to a whole new mess. some people say it's good thing because it will free up cops to
8:12 am
make arrears. then they say you can also tax it so it will bring in monetary gain for the state. my question this morning is, first of all, shouldn't they be cutting spending before you move to legalizing pot to make up your budget deficit? >> yeah. i would say that was probably one of the more disingenuous arguments. the thing to understand about a state like colorado is very purple. it wasn't just sort of your left wing soros billionaires that helped fund and push this thing through. it was libertarian conservative think tanks like the end penitentiary institute. we already have medical marijuana here and even in the spring, around every corner it's like there is a starbucks and there is a secret stash medical marijuana store. so it's going to be a huge thicket of enforcement problems and the tension between the federal government and what the people have decided here has already been played out in the handful of states that have passed similar measures. >> steve: that's right. it wasn't just colorado. it was also washington state legalized pot.
8:13 am
michelle malkin, we'll see you next thursday. >> you bet. take care. >> gretchen: take a good look in the mirror now. there are four things on your face that could reveal you're about to die? >> steve: oh, great. >> brian: first, struggling to pay your mortgage? bob massi on deck with what four more years of an obama administration means to you and your house g it. so why spend even a moment considering any broth but swanson? the broth cooks trust most to make the meal folks spend all year waiting for. in stuffing and more, the secret is swanson.
8:14 am
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8:16 am
>> brian: in 2008 we were so much younger. president obama promise to do help the housing market and since then, the housing market has been really slow to recover. our next guest says there is something president obama can do in the second term to help struggling homeowners. what could that be? here to explain, bob massi, real estate guru. he's our guy. bob, what could the president do? >> first of all, the mortgage relief act which we talked about is the law that was passed by bush in 07 that expires the end of this year. that basically says if you're foreclosed on or short sale happens and there is a waiver of
8:17 am
deficiency, what's owed, there is no tax liability if it's a primary residence. that needs to be extended. i talked to a couple people last week in congress. it's stuck in the ways and means committee. what i would ask the president and those around him is to please push this thing through because if it's not extended, bankruptcies in this country will go through the roof. that's number one. >> brian: let's talk about fannie and freddie allow the principle deductions that you discussed. should they? they're a government agency. should they take the loss? >> here is the thing, i don't know what a principle reduction program would look like, but i do know this, fannie and freddie as i talked about, implemented new short sale guidelines november 1, which is great, to help homeowners. but essentially if we want to really help the spirit of homeowners, people that have put a lot of money in their homes, some type of principle reduction program could change the whole spirit of the whole homeowners in this country. i don't know what it would look like. i'm not sure the best way to do it, but i would ask this
8:18 am
administration to work with the republicans and lentors see if there is some kind of principle reduction program to keep homeowners in their primary residence only. not investment property issues. >> brian: we got a lot of people foreclosed on. it destroys your credit rating and brings to us this question. should a credit amnesty program be implement to do help homeowners have the ability to buy again? >> we need something that's going to look at those people who legitimately, for example, lost their jobs as a result, their primary residence was lost. not people that were wreckless, brian, but people legitimately lost a job, lost their home. to give them some kind of windfall where they say look, under these circumstances, we're going to give an amnesty program to give the people the power to borrow again. if we could get some of these things done, we may see some moves in the future to rebuild their dreams and put their life back together. i hope this could happen. >> brian: the problem is, people are tighter than ever because of the banking regulations and
8:19 am
because of what happened. >> very much so. >> brian: do you believe the housing market is coming back? >> there are signs that their values are coming back. for example, in las vegas, some values are coming back, but we still have millions of loans that's going to adjust to the next year or two, the adjusted rate mortgages, that still is going to be a major problem for homeowners in america. >> brian: bob massi, thanks so much. e-mail him with your questions. he ans them. thanks. next on our rundown, we look ahead. are we getting a glimpse into our own future? that's greece. hope not us. meanwhile, a firsthand look at what happens when you create a welfare nation. then they're heaven sent. we'll take you behind the scenes of victoria secret's fashion show and we'll tell what you a real angel looks like to us.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
>> steve: headline time on this thursday. what happens when unemployment reaches 25.4%? here is what it looks like in greece. rioters clashing with police as parliament narrowly passes another austerity bill. this one includes $17 billion worth of cuts and tax increases. as you can see, people don't like it. and police believe this guy was the one firing shots at drivers on michigan highways.
8:24 am
he was arrested and charged for two dozen shootings. two dozen! the 43-year-old father with no prior criminal record may be mentally ill, they think. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks very much. one day after the election, it seems something strange is happening in washington. really? bipartisanship? >> i'm looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet challenges we can only solve together. >> there was a mandate in yesterday's results a mandate for us to find a way to work together on the solutions to the challenges that we all face as a nation. >> gretchen: is there hope that the next four years will be an era of compromise? let's ask peter johnson, jr. sorry to sound cynical this morning. >> hope springs eternal. >> gretchen: no, no. i think americans are so tired of seeing these same people say the same dog gone thing. >> there is an tonto elect, reelect, decisions have been
8:25 am
made. the president said that -- i guess he was going to walk mitch mcconnell's dog or wash john boehner's car in terms of going to capitol hill during the election, in terms of getting it done. the president, legislative leaders, and the american people, the voters are trying to figure this out. how do we compromise? can compromise be tempered by conscience? should first principles be given up for second chances? where do we go? do we say okay, tax the rich but don't put in political supreme court justices? do we say okay, yeah, we're going to do global warming, but at the same time we're not going to do the deficit the way the president wants to have it done? do people walk away from what they believe in the hope of bringing this country together? i think in the end not. i think what people have to walk away from is pride and ego and
8:26 am
i'm referring to those same political leaders that you referred to at the beginning of the segment. if they walk away from their pride, they walk away from their ego and say, i'm going to think about gretchen carlson, and think about people in indiana. i'm going to think about people in minnesota. i'm going to think about people in new york and not about myself in terms of getting this thing together. then we'll be affected. if not, it's going into the dumper big time and big time fast. >> gretchen: doesn't somebody always lose in a compromise? isn't that sort of -- >> sure. >> gretchen: inherent definition? >> you can't have deadlock or gridlock. the way to get it done, i think, and we haven't seen it, is if the president, and i think is a great, great idea -- brings the people to the white house to sit down with them, bring 20 americans who he knows he disagrees with, who they know disagree with him. the people have been identified on television and exit polls and
8:27 am
in these movies. people who walked away from the president. people who don't agree with the president at all. you can't ignore and demonize half of america. i don't believe and i hope with my heart that the president will not do that. the president needs to bring us together. just a couple things yesterday, we had some reactions to my comments about second chances and second terms. t. kelly on twitter said opportunity to lead? sorry, don't want to go where he's going. please let me out of the back seat. then cat mac 53 said thank you for a better way to look at the reelection as i am getting up this morning seemed pretty bleak. another said from your lips to god's ear, pray that the future is better. god bless this country and god bless you, too. lot of different reaction. people are trying to get this thing together in their head. >> gretchen: for the debt, they've got the bowles simpson plan sitting right there. let's see if that was by many accounts a compromise. >> and everybody walked away.
8:28 am
>> gretchen: everybody, including the president. peter, good to see you smile. >> thank you. >> gretchen: now we'll go to something that might not make you smile. is a heart written all over your face? the four signs that could signal you might be dying? then where you should invest your money going into the next four years. eric eric bolling with the answers [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. remember when christmas was magical? let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday and the unveiling of santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas.
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>> steve: fox news business alert. the labor department just released brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 355,000 people were first-time unemployment claimers this past week, down from the week before and less than expected. eric polling joins us live. it's only 355. that's still a lot. >> very good number. 370 was getting better. 355 is better than expected. as you get toward 350, 325, you have an economy that's actually probably starting to create some substantial jobs. so i think the stock market will be happy with that the day after we dropped a massive amount yesterday. >> gretchen: does that job number affect the stock market imminently because it will open in an hour and yesterday it dropped 300 plus points. >> at one -- actually it ended with its worst point loss on a percentage basis in over a year.
8:33 am
a lot of that had to do with people, they woke up the day after the election and said, oh, oh, we need to figure out what's going to go on in our portfolios. the professionals and the people who direct their own accounts. i put together a couple of ideas. what to look for and what to steer away from over the next four years because we have barak obama for four more years. now we have a history. we know what his policies and ideology is. we know probably where he'll go and where he won't go with money. so the things to stay away from, we have a full screen, i believe. first of all, he's told us he's in no uncertain told us he hates coal because the environmental effects of coal. so stay away from the coal stocks. in fact, yesterday the big coal companies across the board lost 10% of their value yesterday alone. so don't jump in and don't look for ha to be a buying opportunity. drillers, oil drillers. we know he doesn't like to drill. he's not a very pro drilling guy, stay away from the drillers. this is interesting, a lot of people are tie to do fixed income. bonds, unfortunately, are not
8:34 am
good to be in the place, if you have new money to put to work, i wouldn't go there. interest rates, if there is any indication of what barak obama has done over the last four years, he will keep interest rates with bernanke at 0. that means bonds won't perform as well. so keep your -- >> steve: the last thing was municipals, but you got to do your homework. >> there are a lot of municipalities that are in trouble. they're under water. they have a lot of pension problems that will need to be either bailed out and a lot may go belly up. we've had a lot of big towns in california go belly up. when you own a municipal bond, that's going to hurt you. >> steve: where do we put our money then? >> the other full screen. here is the ones that over history, last four years and probably going forward will be great places. anything to do with health care, whether drug stocks, health care providers, whether it's hospitals, stay in the health care world -- >> gretchen: not insurance companies. >> health insurers. everyone did very, very well yesterday, guys. it's tied to health care. >> gretchen: health insurance. >> don't be afraid of it.
8:35 am
>> brian: wellpoint and others were hammered. >> gretchen: health insurance stocks sank deeper wednesday because they're going to faye pay annual fees, $8 billion. >> looking forward to the next four years, guess what, the big pool of money goes to the health care and it will be spread around. it will be. don't be afraid of health care stocks any way, shape, or form. >> steve: don't invest in solyndra, but invest in gasoline. >> not drillers. but refiners. there are a couple of big refiners. valero, western refining, anything to do with refining, gasoline will do well because last time we had price spikes in gasoline, there was a new norm. we within from 1.550 up to $3. all of a sudden we got comfortable with $3. we're getting comfortable with $4 and there are no new refineries being built and doesn't look like there will be a lot of new refineries going forward. gasoline will be a great place to be. builders because there is a lot of money. the feds will turn over money to help people who lost homes in the northeast or as bob massi was talking, maybe it will run out. i think president obama is so
8:36 am
concerned about his legacy, he's going to make sure the money keeps going into building and fast food because unemployment is going to stay high. there will be structural unemployment which used to be 4 to 5%, will weather probably be 7 to 8%. a lot of people will be out of work. when you're out of work, you have to rely on the fast food people. >> steve: great advice. >> can i just say, i'll put all those up on facebook and twitter. >> steve: we'll log on and like you. >> gretchen: see you on "the five." >> steve: meanwhile, it is 24 minutes before the top of the hour. the second of a one-two punch weather wise hitting an already battered eastern seaboard right now. record breaking nor'easter landing straight in the heart of sandy's devastation. anna kooiman is live in staten island. until yesterday and the snow started falling, they were picking up the pieces and now it's hard to see the pieces. >> that's the thing, steve, is normally this part of the country is used to dealing with storms like this.
8:37 am
commuters will be dealing with this kind of slush and we've seen a lot of tractors making their way through here with the plows. but because of hurricane sandy being just ten days away, it's really compounding the problems, we've got cars on top of one another. we've seen boats that have been floated away from their docks and slammed into the sides of homes now covered in snow. a lot of folks in staten island say they feel they have been forgotten and aid has been slow to come. this morning, major news of a very big firing in the state of new york. governor andrew cuomo firing his emergency management director that steve kerr, he had been with emergency management services in new york city for two decades and making $153,000 a year. here is the deal, he actually reportedly cut loose a state crew that had left their post, they were trying to clean up for other people and he told them to come get a tree out of his very own driveway. numbers for you, early this mornings nearly 293,000 homes
8:38 am
and businesses in new york state without power. another 403,000 in new jersey. airlines canceling at least 1300 flights in and out of new york and, of course, that led to travel shut downs. slow downs rather across the country. commuters in the northeast are going to be dealing with lingering snowfall. these icy roads, residents are fed up. >> it's insane. okay? i've been ten days now and now shoveling snow. >> you still don't have power? >> no. no power, no gas, no nothing. >> some of the mobile federal emergency management association mobile offices that had been closed in low lying areas are set to reopen their doors a little later this morning and the silver lining, temperatures will be warming up in the 50s and 60s in the next couple days. >> steve: i'm glad there is some silver lining.
8:39 am
>> brian: it will be -- joel still doesn't have power. you joust got power. you got it and lost it. we stilt don't have it. >> steve: meanwhile, headlines. we know president obama will be staying in the white house for four more years. but there could be a shakeup with some members of his cabinet. secretary of state hillary clinton has already said she didn't want to stick around fort second term. it comes as the state department faces growing criticism for their response to the libya terrorist attack. treasury secretary tim geithner also has said he plans to cash out. he's the longest serving member of the president's economic team. reports say defense secretary leon panetta is expected to step down within a year and david petraeus, though, is expected to stay on as the c.i.a. director. >> brian: signs of heart trouble may be staring you in the face. according to researchers, people who are receding hairlines, creases near ear lobes and bumps on their eyelids have a greater
8:40 am
chance for a heart attack. and 39% greater risk for heart disease. the risks are the same for men and women. >> gretchen: he wanted to relive his glory days, so a 21 yearly man conned his way no a michigan high school. james nash forged paperwork that said he was 17-year-old and a transfer student. over the first day of school, he joined the football team. apparently a parent noticed something wagon funny and tipped off the athletic director. the team will have to forfeit its two wins. >> steve: the victoria secret angels are turning up the heat. take a look at this year's victoria secret fashion show last night here in new york city the tv show set to air next month. the models showed some of their famous lingerie. the headliner, who walked down the runway in a 2 1/2 million dollars bra had a body guard watching her every move, as many
8:41 am
others watched every move. >> gretchen: we're just leaving it up on the screen. >> brian: 2 1/2 million dollars? >> steve: yeah. we've had that on the set. >> gretchen: it's a different one every year. >> brian: looks different on everybody. >> gretchen: it certainly does. that is an understatement of the century. coming up on "fox & friends," 49% of americans are on government assistance. what's going on in this country? is america in a cultural decline? mark stein with his thoughts on that next. he looks mad. >> brian: then i'm not lying, there is a lion behind you. wait until you see what happens to this girl. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ it's so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too.
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[ husband ] transfer! [ male announcer ] free data transfer at home. you just deleted all the photos! you did! no you did! [ male announcer ] or free data transfer when you buy a windows 8 computer at staples. another way staples makes it easier to upgrade. >> brian: quick headlines. get a jump start on black friday. wal-mart released its promotions. they're offering a 32-inch high
8:45 am
deftv for $148. a blu-ray player for 38 bucks. i got that one aeady. if you buy an ipad 2, you will score a $75 wal-mart gift card. steve? one more. sorry. a premature toss. a little girl gets the scare of her life in front of a lion's den at the french zoo. (scream) the girl's parents posted the video to youtube. steve, this time a toss for real. >> steve: my name was in the teleprompter. thank you very much. has the united states become a nation dependent on government handouts? is that the new normal? put something there, uncle sam. take a look at this. today nearly half of all american households receive some form of government welfare. that's up from 30% in 1980. so is our country in a cultural decline? how too we turn it around? let's talk to columnist mark
8:46 am
stein, who joins us today from vermont. good morning to you, mark. >> hey, good morning, steve. >> steve: mark, once upon a time, you were born in canada, but you decided that you wanted to head south, young man, to the land of opportunity. now as it turns out, we're not just opportunity, we're entitlement. >> yeah, that's right. i heard about thing called the american dream. they don't really have a canadian dream or belgian dream or a greek dream. there was an american dream. i wanted a piece of it. just as i got here, the united states decided to adopt the policies that have brought the rest of the western world to ruin. when the takers are able to outvote the makers, you are a nation in steep decline. in this case, it's one thing to talk about redistribution of wealth. but where actually redistributing from the future to the present. we are borrowing money that is
8:47 am
yet to be earned by generations yet to be born in order to bribe people with the obama funds and all the rest right here and now in the present tense. that's very immoral apart from anything else. >> steve: mark, but if you're a taker, you don't care about tomorrow. you want your obama phone with 120 minutes right now. >> yeah, i know. that's where the idea, the left that somehow it's compassionate and community and the right is all about selfishness and greed. there is nothing compassionate and community about saying as they do in greece, i got mine and i don't care if it bankrupts the state. just keep the checks coming until i'm dead. and basically on tuesday, we had a u.s. electorate that voted for pretty much the same thing. by the way, sooner or later, reality will kick in. every american, man, woman, child, refugee, retiree or newborn baby, their share of the debt is just shy of a quarter million dollars per person.
8:48 am
just shy of three quarters of a million dollars per family. in the end, you'll pay for that obama phone either by paying off that show of the debt or total societal collapse. one or the other. >> steve: we've got a graphic. we'll put it up. means tested entitlement spending. in 1970, it was $10 billion. then it got bigger and bigger and bigger. this past year, it's gigantic. to $569 billion. there is no doubt, there are a lot of people out there who live on entitlements and social security and things like that. they rely on it. they need it. there are a lot of people who are hungry. but at the same time, the number has just gotten so big, you got to figure some of the people are simply gaming the system and perhaps they could work, but choose not to because many feel, you know what? why go out there and do a job for $45,000 a year when the government would essentially give me about the same and i can watch tv? >> yeah.
8:49 am
and we've now got just shy of 50 million people on food stamps, which aren't just for food. you can go to the local strip joint and pay for a lap dance with food stamps. >> steve: i'm going to have to trust you on that. before you go, mark, we see the graphic. we see we're on the precipice of that entitlement cliff. how do we turn things around? >> well, we've got to be honest about it. that's the tragedy of the election. the only thing that matters is that this is the brokest nation in history. it's broker than anyone has ever been ever. and we're just gog have a so-called bipartisan deal that kicks the can down the road for another 12 or 18 months. if we don't get real about this, america will slide off the cliff and drag most of the western world down with it. it's not going to be pretty when you hit the bottom. >> steve: you're right about that. all right. mark stein, you can read him in the pages and on-line at the national review on-line. mark, thank you very much for
8:50 am
joining us today from vermont. >> always a pleasure, steve. >> steve: ten minutes before the top of the hour. don't rely on the schools to teach it. up next, an awesome way for parents to teach your kids about american veterans. first let's check in with martha mccallum for a preview of what happens in ten minutes on the channel. mar this? >> good morning, steve. so 54 days to the fiscal cliff? trying to get to work on future of our country starting today. john boehner asked the president to lead the way. bret baier, and others on what happens now. 11 days after hurricane sandy, still americans are desperate. we'll see you at the top of the hour begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good?
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>> gretchen: they are our neighbors, our family and our
8:54 am
friends. they are u.s. military veterans who risk their lives for four freedom. now a new book is inspiring young people to look up to our nation's heros. >> brian: and the author of this brand-new book is here with us. it's called "veterans, heros in our neighborhood." welcome to our show. >> thank you very much. >> brian: who teaches my daughter's school. one time my son's school. >> yes. >> brian: without power. >> gretchen: you have always been inspired by veterans and you have always felt it was so important to tell your kinder departen class about veterans. why? >> absolutely. because children, first of all, they're sponges. they will learn as much as we give them. we have so sanitized our world trying to make things easier and neater for our children that we've eliminated so much from their lives. when i grew up, my grandfather would tell stories about when he was in the war and we would just sit there and listen to all his wonderful stories. and children now adays are just like that. they want to hear the stories. >> brian: and you put that in this book and you use a salute
8:55 am
to your grandfather who passed away, use him as a character. >> yes, i did. it's been such a pleasure. all of the characters in the book are real people in my life. they may not have the professions that they have in the book, but they've all made such an impact on me that i just couldn't help myself. >> gretchen: you had a -- you have them come to your class so the kids can meet them. there is one child in particular in your class who was so inspired that what? >> chris was very excited. he still wants to be in the military. he's in north grade now. it helps me to know i'm doing the right thing when the children are thankful for the veterans in the end. when we can say to the children, these are the people that gave their lives for you and they walk around you every day, one of my friends said, these people have done acts of valor every single day when they were in the service and our kids don't realize they walk among them now. >> brian: now when they see the reports in the news, shows like this and they see a ten-year war going on in afghanistan and eight years in iraq, they understand the big difference
8:56 am
was, you were drafted back then. these men and women are choosing to go in now. >> yes. absolutely. they choose to go in and they love their country so much, even when they were drafted, they love their country so much that sheriffed their country and really provided the safety that we have for our children now. >> gretchen: the amaze thing is when you ask your kids to go and come back the next day and find one person in their life who served, they all come back and are so excited to tell their story. >> they really are. i ask them what they're excited about, why they love that veteran so much. they always tell me stories about what they did in the war. but then they tell me, my uncle taught me how to do a cart wheel. that ties it all together. even though they love them, they are really special. >> gretchen: check it out, the new book. valerie funstein, thank you so much. >> brian: my uncle did serve, but i still can't do a cartwheel. more "fox & friends" in two minutes
8:57 am
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>> gretchen: tomorrow on the show, geraldo rivera will be here as usual because it's a friday.


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